Saturday, 22 September 2012

Little Monkeys (and Bigger Monkeys) Book Club.

We have just set up our first Scholastic Book group order online.

Great books for children aged 0-13.

Collect your leaflet from any of the childrens events or Take a look at what’s on offer here– there are some great bargains as well as books that you won't find on any other book club!

You need to order your books by Saturday 20th October 2012 here
(Delivery costs are covered so no extra costs apply only the cost of the books)

Books will be delivered to us and we will let you know when they arrive and bring them to the next event.

Breda Expats makes no money from this, we can receive free books depending on the amount ordered. We will use these books for the Book Club and set up a Book Club library/swap for the Little Monkeys.

Have fun choosing!

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